People Flow Control Solution

Learn our our People Flow Control solution.

Social distancing is likely to be a common practice to control the spread of COVID 19 as and when restrictions are slowly relaxed – current methods employed within our shops and stores are to place an employee on the door controlling entry to manageable levels and with in the premises staff are used to remind customers of the safe distance they are meant to be keeping in store.

This not only puts the members of staff in an otherwise exposed position of the contaminant, but, given that the experts are proposing that a vaccination may not be available for 12 months or more, is going to be a labour cost that business owners can ill afford to finance.

Southern Security Services Ltd have been looking at the security industry for solutions and we have already launched our Human Temperature detection system, designed to highlight the temperature of an individual in a crowed area of up 30 people identifying possible coronavirus sufferers.

Southern Security Services Ltd have also launched a range of Social Distancing Signage, which is eye catching and informative, and will help people to recognise the requirements of Social Distancing and will look professional in and around your premises. 

Southern Security Services Ltd have now utilised  CCTV equipment with Artificial Intelligence A I which will allow business premises to monitor the flow of pedestrian traffic in and out, using traffic light indication to prevent overflow, will allow internal monitoring to prevent social distancing infringements, with audio messaging, human temperature monitoring to identify potential coronavirus sufferers and at the same time discourage anti-social behaviour using facial recognition and recording criminal activity.

This results in less exposure for staff to the virus, reduced staffing cost to control access to, and the monitoring of, the premises and providing a safer environment for customers to visit and staff to work in.