Solutions to assist companies affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.




Our Covid Safety bundles have been created with our clients in mind.

We have recently launched Covid Safety Bundles, designed to equip you with everything you need to make your business safe and secure in line with the latest regulations.


Borg Locks

Borg Locks is helping lock the door against Covid-19 Digital push button locks are used extensively across much of the UK’s NHS, Care Home and Educational estates. With the spread COVID-19, although cleaning protocols have been increased, an area of concern remains on any high-touch surfaces, including door hardware.  However, Borg Locks has developed an…


Antimicrobial Door Handles

Discover our Antimicrobial Door Handles Door furniture is one of the most common touch point in our working environment, traditional stainless steel or painted door furniture increase the spread of infections by providing an area for transmission to occur, creating more carriers. Handle in particular could be used thousands of times between normal cleaning, this…


Dorgard – Compliance Made Easy

As the country is slowly released from lockdown, owners and operators of all types of premises are formulating their return to work strategies, working on how their premises can be made “Covid Secure”.  Southern Security Services Ltd has been working through the lockdown, developing various systems to help fight the spread of the virus and…


Touch-Free Exit Devices

Most access control and door automation systems are fitted with an exit button which facilitates egress from inside the protected premises. These exit buttons normally require physical contact to activate them, which could be a point of contact to transmit bacteria/viruses. Southern Security Services Ltd have a range of exit devices which operate using proximity…


Intelligent Access Control

This facial recognition camera is designed to operate within the access control market, and has many useful access control features. One of which is to provide the temperature of the human body, indicating that the pre-programmed temperature threshold has been breached. The system can also detect if a mask is being worn, this could be…


Covid-19 Hygiene Screens

Discover our Covid-19 Hygiene Screens Southern Security Services Ltd have added a range of Hygiene Screens to their range of product designed to fight back against the spread of this dreadful disease COVID-19. Protecting customers and staff as over the counter transaction take place. 


People Flow Control Solution

Learn our our People Flow Control solution. Social distancing is likely to be a common practice to control the spread of COVID 19 as and when restrictions are slowly relaxed – current methods employed within our shops and stores are to place an employee on the door controlling entry to manageable levels and with in…


Covid-19 Distancing Signage

Discover our Covid-19 Distancing Signage Social distancing is key for society to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and although the majority of our population are keen to comply with our Government’s instruction, it’s not always clear how this can be achieved in areas of high pedestrian traffic. Please see our bright, eye catching signage which has…